Thursday, September 1, 2011


The Following recipes contains both Chinese and English instruction

  1. Beef Brisket and tendon in Chu Hou Paste
  2. Beef with Kimichi
  3. Diced Beef Fillet with Garlic butter
  4. Beef Steak with black pepper
  5. Beef Fillet with Chinese style barbecue sauce
  6. Tomato beef
  7. Pineapple and beef in HP sauce
  8. Minced beef and potato hot pot
  9. Beef under Bread crumb
  10. Minced beef with black olive on egg tofu
  11. Stir-fry beef with Lotus roots and fungus
  12. beef filet with garlic shoots
  13. Meatball in Japanese curry sauce
  14. Stir-fry pork with preserved vegetable and tofu
  15. Korean beef short ribs in bbq sauce
  16. Beef in red wine sauce
  17. Enoki mushroom in beef rolls
  18. Stir-fried beef with zucchini
  19. Beef Shin in Chinese marinade
  20. Brisket in Vietnam style
  21. Beef in Thai red curry sauce
  22. Beef hot pot in Black pepper sauce
  23. Stir fry beef with king oyster mushroom
  24. Stir fry beef with winter melon in pepper sauce
  25. Stir fry beef with zucchini in tomato sauce
  26. Stir fry beef with enoki mushroom
  27. Stir fry meatball in chinese barbecue sauce
  28. Stir fry beef with cashew in spicy sauce
  29. Simple beef brisket hot pot
  30. stir fry beef with assorted vegetable in tomato sauce
  31. Stir fry beef with apple
  32. Stir fry beef with basil
  33. Stir fry beef with honeydew in teriyaki sauce
  34. Stir beef in honey citron sauce
  35. Stir fry beef with kimchi and celery 
  36. Stir fry beef with thai salad dressing  
  37. Stir-fried beef in sweet and sour sauce 
  38. Beef brisket stew 
  39. Stir-fried beef with mushroom in red wine sauce 
  40. Stir fry diced beef with cheese in tomato sauce 
  41. Stir fry beef with special satay sauce 
  42. Stir-fry beef with scramble egg in korean sauce 
  43. Stir fry beef with bitter melon and cabbage
  44. Stir-fry beef with green onion and black pepper  
  45. Beef with double tomato 
  46. Beef fillet cubes with special teriyaki sauce 
  47. Diced lotus roots with meat ball in abalone sauce 
  48. Burger mixed with sweet potato and kimchi 
  49. Kimichi burger with Portobello mushroom
  50. Stir-fry tenderloin beef with Chu Hou Sauce
  51. Stewed beef with tomato and wine 
  52. beef patties with lotus roots and honey
  53. Minced beef in hoisin explosion sauce
  54. Stewed bladed roast beef 
  55. Stir-fried beef with bitter melon and preserved radish
  56. Special beef with Thai chili paste and basil
  57. Stir-fried beef with bulgogi marinade sauce
  58. Beef balls with tomato and tofu puff 
  59. Cheese stuffed burger steaks


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