Thursday, September 1, 2011


The following recipes contain both Chinese and English instruction

  1. Egg tofu with egg plant in black pepper sauce
  2. Tofu with vegetables and sauage
  3. Spinach with salted and preserved egg
  4. Scramble egg in tomato sauce
  5. Stir-fry cucumber with shrimps
  6. Tobiko caviar in steamed egg
  7. Tobiko caviar on soft york eggs
  8. Steamed egg with crab meat
  9. 3 colors steamed egg
  10. Fry tofu with salted egg
  11. Egg tofu with enoki mushroom in tomato sauce
  12. Scramble egg with prosciutto
  13. Kimchi tofu hot pot
  14. Steam Proscuitto tofu wrap
  15. Scramble egg with shrimps in tomato sauce
  16. Stir fry pork on tofu 
  17. Pan fry egg with pork and mushroom 
  18. Egg plants and bean curd in salty fish sauce 
  19. Chinese Tea flavored soft boiled egg 
  20. Fish paste with tofu in fresh tomato sauce 
  21. Pan-fried tofu and fish mixtures

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  1. I would like to cook the recipe 'Egg tofu with egg plant in black pepper sauce' but the link does not seem to be working anymore. Could you please take care of restoring the link ?