Thursday, September 1, 2011


The following recipes contains both Chinese and English

  1. Pork chop with orange sauce
  2. Barbecue Ribs
  3. Spaghetti suace chinese style
  4. Steamed Spare Ribs with Plum Sauce
  5. Fried Pork and Gai Lan with Satay sauce
  6. bitter melon with salted sour cabbage and spare ribs
  7. Meat ball in black bean garlic sauce
  8. Pork chop cutlet
  9. Pork hock with fermented red bean curd
  10. Sliced pork in oyster sauce
  11. Stir fried Pork and pine nuts in Hoisin Sauce
  12. Spare ribs in L&P Worcestershire Sauce
  13. pork and golden mushroom in black bean garlic sauce
  14. salted sour cabbage and pork
  15. Stir fry pork in Curry sauce
  16. Chestnut, potato with spare ribs
  17. Lemongrass pork chop
  18. Pork in Thai Style
  19. Pork chop in raw slab sugar sauce
  20. Stir-fry pork with chinese bbq sauce
  21. Tomato pork chop
  22. King Do Pork chop
  23. Pork chop in Fuji apple sauce
  24. Stir-fry pork with lotus roots
  25. Spare rib with plum sauce
  26. Stir-fry pork with preserved vegetable and tofu
  27. Teriyaki pork with ginger
  28. Fry pork ribs with salad sauce
  29. Pork chop in red wine sauce
  30. Stir-fry pork with cauliflower
  31. Stir-fry pork with green beans
  32. Stir fry ribs with Lotus roots in special sauce
  33. Thai style fry pork cheek
  34. Stir pork with mango
  35. Pork ribs in chu hou sauce
  36. Minced pork in the bitter melon
  37. Pork chop in kiwi sauce
  38. Fry pork chop with bbq sauce
  39. Pork chop in miso sauce
  40. Pork ribs in tomato sauce
  41. Pork chop in black pepper and honey sauce
  42. Slice pork with udon in spicy garlic sauce
  43. Fry smoked ham with green bean
  44. Minced pork and celery in tomato sauce
  45. Fry pork with cabbage and bamboo shoot
  46. Minced pork with vermicelli
  47. Stir fry pork and cabbage in Miso Sauce
  48. Swedish meatballs
  49. Pork chop in tomato sauce with HK style
  50. Diced pork and tofu in tomato sauce
  51. Ribs in Chinese black vinegar sauce
  52. Stir-fry pork with cabbage in Hoisin sauce
  53. Fry pork with Thai basil leaves
  54. Stir fry pork with garlic shoot in bbq sauce
  55. Steam pork ribs with shrimps paste
  56. Tomato and pickled cabbage hot pot
  57. Golden pork chop with LP sauce
  58. Spare ribs in special Plum sauce
  59. Spare ribs with taro hot pot
  60. Steam pork with water chestnut
  61. Fry pork chop with spice salt
  62. Grilled pork and bean curd stick hot pot
  63. Spare ribs in barbeque sauce
  64. Stir fry pork with radish
  65. Fried pork chop in garlic butter sauce
  66. Stir-fry pork in barbecue sauce
  67. Stir-fry pork with water chestnut in special sauce
  68. Stir-fry pork in oyster sauce
  69. Stir fry pork with vege mix
  70. Pan-fry meatball in white sauce
  71. Variety meat balls with curry sauce
  72. stir fry minced pork with snow pea and green pepper
  73. Pan fry pork chop with lemon grass and tomato
  74. stir fry pork with teriyaki sauce
  75. Stir fry pork with peach
  76. Stir fry pork with zuchinni
  77. Eggplant in miso sauce
  78. stir fry the chestnut with assorted vege
  79. Stir fry pork with egg in tomato sauce
  80. Stir fry pork with xo sauce
  81. Tony's volcano
  82. Stir fry pork and celery
  83. Stir fry pork and preserved cabbage with tomato
  84. Stir fry garlic shoot with black pepper and butter
  85. Stir fry garlic shoot and potato shredded
  86. Pan fry pork chop in special sauce
  87. Stir-fried minced pork with shimeji mushroom
  88. Stir fry minced pork in mashed potato castle
  89. Steam pork ribs with preserved bean curd
  90. Stir-fried pork with shimeji mushroom and blakc olive 
  91. Fry spare ribs in citron & lime sauce
  92. Sweet and Sour pork with diced potato
  93. Spicy spare ribs with potato soup
  94.  Pan-fry pork chop with egg tofu in unagi sauce
  95. Stir-fried egg plant with oyster mushroom
  96.  Stir fry pork with udon in black pepper sauce
  97.  Spare ribs in strawberry mango sauce
  98. Spare ribs with leeche and lime sauce
  99. Stir fry pork with preserved cabbage and bean sprouts 
  100. Stir fry pork with special bean sauce 
  101. Pork with Twice mushrooms in butter sauce 
  102. Steam tofu with the preserved egg and lean pork 
  103. King oyster mushroom in special miso sauce 
  104. Crispy ribs with five spices flavour 
  105. Pan fry pork chop with special red curry sauce 
  106. Stir-fried pork with lotus root in miso sauce 
  107. Soft tofu in Korean chili sauce 
  108. Pork with bean curd and lotus roots in miso sauce 
  109. Pork with lotus roots in thai sweet chili sauce 
  110. Baked spare ribs in citron & barbecue sauce 
  111. Minced pork with green bean and black olive 
  112. Meatballs with Chinese Cabbage 
  113. Pork with preserved cabbage 
  114. Korean BBQ pork with Tofu 
  115. Pan fry pork chop with garlic 
  116. Minced Pork with water chestnut in abalone sauce 
  117. Stir-fry thick sliced pork in tomato sauce 
  118. Eggplants with golden garlic 
  119. Fried Ribs with special salt and pepper 
  120. Pork with rice noodle rolls in tomato sauce 
  121. Stir-fried pork tenderloin with salty sour cabbage 
  122. Pan-fried pork fillet with salt and pepper 
  123. Stir-fry minced pork with eggplants in miso sauce 
  124. Stir-fry pork with eggplants and thai basil 
  125. [Tony's Creation] Twisted cooked pork with red miso sauce 
  126. Sliced pork with minced garlic 
  127. Pork slices with tomato and Thai basil 
  128. Fried pork chop with dragon fruit   
  129. Minced pork with eggplants in abalone sauce
  130. Roasted pork belly in Chinese style
  131. Stuffed Hairy squash rings 
  132. Pan-fried lemongrass meat balls 
  133. Stir-fried hairy squash and minced pork
  134. Pan-fried meatball with lotus root in abalone sauce
  135. Stir-fried pork with radish and preserved vegetable
  136. Pork with topshell and snow pea in oyster sauce
  137. Stir-fry ground pork with sweet preserved radish
  138. Pan-fry meatballs in balsamic vinegar and olive oil
  139. Pork with Yam and pickled cabbage
  140. Pan-fry pork chop in HK style 
  141. Pork with zucchini and tomato in Thai chili sauce 
  142. Steam stuffed tofu puff with ground pork
  143. Stuffed tofu puff with Pork and preserved vegetable  
  144. Stew pork belly with winter melon in Korean soy bean sauce 
  145. Pan-fry pork chop with onions and Meggi seasoning

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  1. Hi... greetings from Indonesia. I just found this blog and found that the recipes are amazing. However, i'm confused because when i click the recipe on the menu list, it drives me to yahoo hk? thanks...