Thursday, September 1, 2011


The following recipes contains both Chinese and English Instruction

    1. Thai Green Curry Chicken
    2. Sour and Sweet chicken in Thai style
    3. Chicken and Taro in Coconut milk sauce
    4. Chicken wings in coconut flavored curry sauce
    5. Chicken in white cream sauce
    6. Chicken with cashew
    7. Baked Rosemary chicken
    8. Hainan chicken Rice and chicken
    9. Chicken with 3 different spices
    10. Lemongrass chicken legs
    11. Chicken and lychee in Plum sauce
    12. Chicken wings with black pepper and honey sauce
    13. Stir-fry chicken with celery
    14. Teriyaki chicken wings
    15. Stir-fry chicken with bamboo fungus
    16. Stir fry chicken with lemongrass and celery
    17. Marinaded chicken legs
    18. stir-fry chicken with tomato and celery
    19. shredded chicken
    20. Baked chicken legs in lemon sauce
    21. Stir-fry chicken in strawberry sauce
    22. Stir-fry chicken with cabbage and mushroom
    23. Fry chicken fillet in tomato sauce
    24. Fry chicken with special fungus
    25. Fry chicken in sweet and sour sauce
    26. Grilled duck with lychee in green curry sauce
    27. Smoked chicken with tea leaves
    28. Stir-fry chicken in sweet corn cream
    29. Chicken in garlic & black bean sauce
    30. Mesh potato and chicken in creamy sauce
    31. Fry chicken in sweet and sour sauce
    32. Chicken with mushroom and chestnut
    33. Chicken and thai eggplant in green curry sauce
    34. Steam chicken with snow fungus
    35. Simmered chicken wings with potato
    36. Chicken with Enoki mushroom hot pot
    37. Grilled duck with taro hot pot
    38. Chicken with eggplant, tofu and salty egg hot pot
    39. Stir fry chicken with lotus root and fungus
    40. Stir fry chicken with walnut
    41. Cheesy tofu in tomato sauce
    42. HK style Curry chicken
    43. Steam chicken with Agrocybe and black fungus
    44. Grill chicken wings with lemon grass and honey
    45. Simmer chicken in balsamic vinegar sauce
    46. simmered chicken in Soya sauce
    47. Fry chicken with mango sauce 
    48. Chinese Grilled duck with taro stew 
    49.  Pan-fried chicken fillet in thai style  
    50. Baked chicken leg with five spices 
    51. Chicken stuffed portobello mushroom
    52. Pan-fried chicken fillet with Hainanese spices 
    53. Stewed Chicken with 3 different sesaonings
    54. Thai red curry chicken with cheese
    55. Stew chicken with Korean chili sauce and cheese
    56. Chicken with radish and goji berries 
    57. Braised chicken with dried dates and mushroom
    58. Roasted duck with tropical fruits in green curry
    59. Chicken thighs with Korean chili paste and chu hou sauce
    60. Chicken with kiwi and popcorn in miracle whip sauce
    61. Stewed chicken tights in fermented tofu sauce

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