Thursday, September 1, 2011


The following recipes contain both Chinese and English Instruction

  1. Seafood pasta with white wine sauce 
  2. Hamburgar in Japanese curry sauce
  3. Tuna Linguine in creamy sauce 
  4. Fried spaghetti with bbq pork
  5. Pickled cabbage and chinese bbq pork noodle
  6. Stir-fry noodle with 3 peppers
  7. Stir-fry instant noodle with chinese bbq sauce
  8. Noodle in Tomato soup
  9. Pasta with meat sauce
  10. Teriyaki pork with ginger
  11. Cold Soba Noodle
  12. BBQ pork with macaroni in bonito soup
  13. Double cheese pasta in tomato sauce
  14. Fry Udon with cabbage and bbq pork
  15. Pineapple fried rice
  16. Seafood lasagna
  17. Korean Bibinba
  18.  Pork & Preserved Egg Congee 
  19. Golden fried rice with XO olive sauce 
  20. Fried rice with Chinese Kale and preserved sausage
  21. Fried noodle with pork in soy sauce

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