Thursday, September 1, 2011


The following recipes contains both Chinese and English Instruction

    1. Stir fried squids with garlic shoots
    2.  Fish fillet with Sea Salt
    3. Seafood in white sauce
    4. Seafood and egg tofu with Broccoli
    5. Phoenix fish rolls
    6. Fish fillet in sweet sour sauce
    7. Spicy seafood hot pot
    8. Oyster and yam bundle with mushroom 
    9. Stir-fry scallops with asparagus
    10. Salmon cheese pie
    11. Stir-fry shrimps with asparagus
    12. Salmon steak in red wine sauce
    13. Seafoods mix with cashew
    14. Seafood hot pot
    15. oyster cake
    16. Stir-fry Crab meat with green beans
    17. Boiled lobster
    18. Salmon steak in tomato sauce
    19. Steam shrimps with minced garlic
    20. Fry fish paste in 4 peppers
    21. Fry fish fillet with lemon sauce
    22. Scallop with Maggi seasoning
    23. Seafood sushi
    24. Fry shrimps with preserved egg yolk
    25. Fry salmon in miso sauce
    26. Steam fresh fish
    27. Spicy tuna/salmon tofu sushi
    28. Fry salmon with salt and pepper
    29. Stir-fried shrimps with walnuts
    30. Seafood mix in Green curry
    31. Mussels in white wine sauce
    32. Shrimps with celery and green bean
    33. Stir-fry scallop with cashew
    34. shrimps and zucchini in spicy sauce
    35. Seafood mix with soft tofu
    36. Golden fish cake
    37. Shrimps with Maggi seasoning
    38. Fried squid with thai basil
    39. Steam salmon in black bean garlic sauce
    40. Seafood mix with tofu in tomato sauce
    41. Stir-fry calamari in wasabi sauce
    42. Salmon with teriyaki sauce
    43. Fish paste, egg plants, tofu hot pot
    44. Steam fish paste and tofu with black bean garlic sauce
    45. Fry sole in sweet and sour sauce
    46. Spicy shrimps with vermicelli hot pot
    47. Shrimps with pineapple in spicy and sour sauce
    48. shrimps and tofu in sweet corn sauce
    49. Simmered Radish with fish paste
    50. Stir fried snow pea with seafood
    51. Fry salmon in creamy sauce
    52. Fry fish paste with dragon fruit
    53. Fry salmon in pineapple sauce
    54. stir fry shrimps with Korean BBQ sauce
    55. Stir fry Lobster with garlic and ginger sauce
    56. Stir-fry shrimps with snow pea in spicy sauce
    57. Stir fry shrimps with pineapple and basil
    58. Stir fry spicy crab
    59. Calamari ring in XO sauce
    60. Clam in white sauce
    61. Stir fry shrimps in strawberry sauce
    62. Pan fry fish fillet in corn cream sauce
    63. Fry fish ball in Japanese style
    64. Seafood mix in thai green curry
    65. Stir fry dried fish with cashew
    66. Pan fry fish cake in tomato sauce
    67. Seafood mix in potato castle
    68. Pan-fry salmon in eel sauce
    69. Steam shrimps balls on tofu with tobiko
    70. Simple baked salmon
    71. Stir-fry squids with special thai sauce
    72. Stir fry shrimps with sweet and sour sauce
    73. Stir fry shrimp with vermicelli in thai red curry
    74. Stir-fry seafood with cripsy taro
    75. Pan-fry salmon in lime butter sauce
    76. Pan-fry fillet of sole in creamy mushroom sauce
    77. Stir-fried periwinkle with oyster mushroom
    78. Crispy fish finger in spicy and sour sauce
    79. Pan fried fish ball in special Thai sauce
    80. Pan-Fried Sole with garlic and black bean sauce
    81. Creamy mango shrimps
    82. Shrimps with asparagus in creamy sauce
    83. Pan-fry oyster cake
    84. Pan-fried Sole with tomato sauce
    85. Fish tofu in fresh tomato sauce
    86. Prosciutto salmon wrap in creamy red wine sauce
    87. Pan fry sole with mango in miracle sauce
    88. Steam Mussels in white wine sauce
    89. Crispy seafood with salty golden egg sauce 
    90. Crispy Sole with eggplants in black pepper sauce 
    91. Crispy Salmon cubes in fresh tomato sauce 
    92. Pan-fry harsh brown with crab meat 
    93. Stuffed tofu with cherry tomato sauce 
    94. Pan-fry scallop with rice crispy 
    95. Pan-fried salmon cubes with baked bean 
    96. Seafood with egg tofu 
    97. Pan-fried basa in Hawaii style 
    98. Pan-fried sole with sesame seeds in ponzu sauce 
    99. Baked Portobello mushroom in Okonomi sauce
    100. Seared scallops with tofu in fresh tomato sauce
    101. Pan-fried Basa with Kabayaki Sauce
    102. Seafood and winter melon with salty egg 
    103. Stir-fried shrimps with top shells
    104. Crispy fish fillets with barbecue sauce 
    105. Crispy salmon cubes with Ponzu sauce 
    106. Fish tofu cubes with Chinese XO sauce
    107. Stuffed tofu with fermented tofu sauce
    108. Special Chinese style pan-fried fish cakes
    109. Baked salmon with special seasoning
    110. Shrimps & Scrambled egg with winter melon
    111. Stir-fried shrimps & Luffa squash
    112. Pan-fried fish tofu mixture with preserved radish
    113. Shrimps with pasta sauce and koren chili sauce
    114. Braised fish paste tofu puff in fermented tofu
    115. Baked basa fillet with portobello mushroom in bbq sauce
    116. Minced pork with dried scallop and shrimps
    117. Pan-fried basa with salt and pepper
    118. Smoke salmon with tofu and cream of corn
    119. Shrimp with vermicelli hot pot
    120. Baked salmon with balsamic vinegar and korean citron tea 
    121. Scallop with garlic shoot in Belachan sauce 
    122. Stuffed Fish & shrimp balls with pineapple 

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