Thursday, September 1, 2011


The following recipes contains both Chinese and English instruction
  1. Stir Fried Kimichi with bean sprouts
  2. korokke (Japan potato cake)
  3. Taro Cake
  4. Cabbage with pork
  5. Vege mix with Chinese style barbecue sauce
  6. egg plant and shrimps in Hoisin Sauce 
  7. Steam eggplants with olive
  8. Chinese sausage with chinese broccoli
  9. salted sour cabbage with bean sprouts
  10. Special Vege mixed
  11. vege mix with marinade chicken sauce
  12. cabbage and tomato vege mix
  13. Spicy veggie mix
  14. Summer tomato salad
  15. Egg tofu with assorted vegetable
  16. Cold snack
  17. Kimchi with Enoki and tofu mix
  18. Mushroom and white radish hot pot
  19. Veggie mix with special sauce
  20. Oyster mushroom and bamboo shoot
  21. Vege mix with tofu puff
  22. Stir-fry veggie with cashew
  23. Assorted vegetable in black bean sauce
  24. Veggie mixes in the hot pot
  25. Simmer Mushroom in oyster sauce
  26. Stir fry vege mixes in XO sauce
  27. Pan fry king oyster mushroom
  28. Stir fry oyster mushroom in tomato sauce
  29. Steam cabbage with proscuitto 
  30. Simmer cabbage with preserved sausage
  31. Avocado with Balasmic Vinegar
  32. Stir-fried vege mix in Chinese barbecue suace
  33. Cauliflower in Japanses curry sauce
  34. Crispy eggplants with tomato sauce
  35. Pan fry egg plants with orange jam sauce  

The following recipes contain only English Instruction
  1. Assorted Vegetable with crispy vermicelli

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