Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Tony's Creation] Green tea mochi

[Prep: 15 minutes | Cook: 15 minutes | Serves: 12-14 pieces|
Calories: N/A per serving (Estimated) ]

.: 材料 Ingredients :.http://tonykarenkitchen.com/  
1- Sweet Rice flour (japanese), 40g
2- Green tea powder, 6g
3- white Sugar, 8g
4- Cold water, 20ml
5- Warm water, 16ml
6- Potato starch (japanese), 3-4 tbsp

7- Red bean paste, 100-150g
8- Mugwort powder, 2 tbsp, optional

.: Steps :.

1- Dissolve the green tea powder and sugar in warm water.  Add in the cold water and mix it well.  Add into the container with rice flour and mugwort powder.  Mix until the mixture is smooth.  Cover the container with a wet towel and cook in microwave for 3 minutes.  Take it out and turn it over.  Cover and cook for additional 3 minutes.  Take it out and stir the mixture for 50 - 60 times.  Put it aside.

2- Coat the table with 1 tbsp of potato starch.  Put the mixture on top the starch and knead it to form a rectangle sharp (about 6 cm height, 6 cm wide).  Knead the red bean paste for the same sharp but make the size smaller than the mixture (about 4 cm height and 4 cm wide).  Divide both green tea mixture and red bean paste into 12-14 pieces evenly

3-  Flatten each green tea mixture by hand.  Use it to wrap up the red bean paste.  Knead it to form a ball.


4- Cost lightly each green tea mixture with the remaining potato starch.  That's it.  

.: Tips :.

1- Stir the cooked green mixture to make it chewy.
2- Do not mix the potato starch with the green tea mixture or it will never stick together.  Knead the mixture just on top of the potato starch to avoid stick on the table.
3- To make it even more chewy, replace 10g of rice flour with 10g of sticky rice flour. 
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  1. In English version, cold water 20 ml, but 40ml in Chinese version, which one is the right one?

  2. I put the dough in microwave for 3 mins it turns hard, then additional 2 mins, it burned..... whats wrong?

  3. Your microwave is too strong. Use less power and reduce the time