Thursday, July 12, 2012

[Tony's Creation]Pan-fried sole with sesame seeds in ponzu sauce

[Prep 準備: 15 minutes | Cook 烹調: 15 minutes | Serve 份量: 4 people |
Calories 熱量: 340 per serving (Estimated/ 估計) ]

.: Ingredients :.

Group A
1- Sole Fillet, 450g
2- 1 medium eggplant, cut into piece
3- 1 medium onion, peeled, cut into pieces
4- Minced ginger, 1/2 tbsp)
5- Minced garlic, 1 tbsp
6- Shredded Lime zest, 1 tbsp, optional
7- Diced green onion, 1/4 cup
Group B
1- salt, 1 tsp
2- Japanese pepper, 1/2 tsp
* can replace it with white pepper
Group C
6- White sesame seed, 3 tbsp
7- Black sesame seed, 3 tbsp
8- Flour, 1/2 cup

.: Sauce mixture :.

1- Ponzu sauce, 1/2 cup
2- Mirin, 2 tbsp
3- Japan soy sauce, 1 tbsp
4- Lime juice, 1 tbsp, optional

.: Steps :.

Marinade sole with Group B ingredients for 10 minutes.  Mist each side of the sole with water.  Mix the Group C ingredients in a dish.  Coat each sole with Group C ingredients evenly.  Heat the pan with 1 tbsp of oil over medium high heat.  Pan fry the sole until each side is golden and about 90% cooked.  Put it aside.

2- Clean and dry the pan.  Heat the pan with 1/2 tbsp of oil over high heat.  Add in the onion, green onion, garlic, and ginger with 1/3 tsp of salt.  Stir-fry the ingredients until the onion is soft (about 2 minutes)
. Add in the eggplant with 1/3 tsp of sugar. Stir-fry the ingredients until the eggplants is soft (about 3 minutes).  Add in the sauce mixture and bring it to boil.  Dish it up.  Top it up with the sole and lime zest.  Serve it in hot.

.: Tips :.

1- Mist the fish so that sesame seed can stick to the fish.
2- Do not flip the fish too often while pan-frying it.  Turn it to other side only if one side is brown.
3- It is better if you can reserve 2 tbsp of ponzu sauce.  Add it once the sauce is boiled and the heat is off.
4- Same recommendation for lime juice.  Add it once the sauce is boiled and the heat is off. 
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