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[Tony's Creation]Special Chinese style pan-fried fish cakes

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[Prep: 15 minutes | Cook: 20 minutes| Serve: 4 | Calories: 325 per serving ]
.: Ingredients :.
1- Fish paste, 400g

2- 1 Bell pepper (any color), core removed, diced

3- 1 medium onion, peeled, diced
4- Diced shallot, 1 tbsp
5- 1 section of lotus root (100g), peeled, diced
6- Diced green onion, 2 tbsp
7- Roasted sesame seeds, 1 tbsp
8- Chinese XO sauce, 1 tbsp
9- Oyster sauce, 1 tbsp
Group B
1- 1 Chinese style preserved sausage, diced
2- 1 tsp of chicken powder or salt
3- 1 tsp of white pepper flake
4- Dried shrimps, soaked, 2 tbsp
5- Dried scallop, soaked, shredded, 4 pieces
6- Roasted sesame seeds, 1 tbsp
.: Directions :.  
Step 1:
Combine the fish paste, Group B ingredients and half of the diced lotus roots together.  Divide the pork into 10-12 pieces.  Heat the pan with 1/2 tbsp of oil over medium-high heat until hot. Stir in the shallot, green onion, onion, bell pepper, lotus roots, bell peppers with 1/3 tsp of salt and 2 tbsp of hot water. Mix it well and stir-fry until fragrant (about 5 minutes).  Add in the sesame see and oyster sauce.  Mix it well and dish it up.  Put it aside.
Step 2:

Heat the pan with 1/2 tbsp of oil over medium-high heat until hot.  Pan-fry the fish cake until both sides turn golden.  Add in 3 tbsp of hot water.  Cover and simmer for 5 minutes.  Then, remove the water from the pan.  Continue pan-fry the fish cake until it is dried.  Top it over the cooked ingredients from step 1.  Add some XO sauce to decorate.  Serve it in hot.
.: Cook's notes :.
1- If the sausage is too hard to dice, you can soak it in a boiling water for 1-2 minutes.  It will soften the sausage.
2- Divide the fish paste into small pieces so that it is easier to cook through.
3- Dice the vegetables finely so that it is easier to cook through
4- It will be easier to handle the fish paste if your hand is wet.
5- Instead of adding hot water, you can add more oil and pan-fry the fish cake until it is fully cooked
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