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[Tony's Creation]Pan-fry pork and tofu with Chinese preserved egg

  [Prep 準備: 10 minutes | Cook 烹調: 20 minutes| Serve 份量: 4 | Calories 熱量: 380 per serving ] 
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.: 簡介 Info :.
Tian jian diced preserved vegetable:

Tianjin preserved vegetable (Chinese: 天津冬菜;; pinyin: Tiānjīn dōngcài; literally "Tianjin winter vegetable"; also called Tientsin preserved vegetable or Tianjin preserved cabbage) is a type of pickled Chinese cabbage originating in Tianjin, China. It consists of finely chopped Tianjin cabbage (箭杆菜; a variety of Chinese cabbage with an elongated shape) and salt. This pickled vegetable is used to flavor soups, stir fried or stewed dishes.
Black preserved egg (Century egg):
The century egg is just one example of specially prepared eggs in Chinese cuisine. The Chinese make many other dishes that involve soaking eggs in special mixtures, including the soy egg and tea egg. The century egg though is the only one that is considered a delicacy, the others are commonly sold as snacks by street vendors. This may have to do with the complex preparation that goes in the creation of the hundred-year egg, or just because its incredibly pungent taste and smell is off-putting for some.
.: 材料 Ingredients :. 
1- Medium firm tofu, 400g
2- Minced pork, about 400g

3- Tian jian diced preserved vegetable, cleaned, 2 tbsp
4- Black preserved egg, peeled, diced, 3 eggs
5- Diced green onion, 1 tbsp
6- Asian preserved black olive slices, 3 tbsp
7- Large egg, 1 egg
8- Salt, 1/2 tsp
9- Corn starch, 2 tbsp

 .: 做法 Directions :.
Step 1:
Wrap the tofu with a CLEAN towel firmly.  Twist both side of the towel until the tofu is mashed and all the water from the tofu is released.  Mix the dried tofu flake with ingredients 2-9.  Mix it well and divide it 12-14 small pieces (or even more) evenly.  Put it aside
Step 2:
Heat the non sticky pan with 1 tbsp of oil over medium heat until hot.  Pan-fry all the tofu mixtures until all sides are golden (about 6-8 minutes).  Dish it up and serve it in hot.
.: 小貼士 Cook's notes :.
1- Twist both side of the towel with inverse direction like wrapping a candy. Tighten it as much as you can so the water inside the tofu can be released.
2- If the preserved vegetable is too salty, soak it in cold water before using it
3- Use non-sticky pan to pan fry the tofu mixture to avoid using too much oil..
4- Asian black olive enhances the flavor but it is optional to use.  

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