Wednesday, January 8, 2014

[Tony's Creation]Mimi apple crumb tarts

  [Prep: 15 minutes | Cook: 30 minutes| Serve: 4 | Calories: N/A per serving ] 列印 Print (Password: tony)

.: 材料 Ingredients :.
Group A
1- 4 frozen tart shells
2- Apple, cored,peeled, diced
3- Brown sugar, 2 tbsp
4- Butter, 1 tbsp
5- Ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp
6- Lemon juice, 1 tbsp
7- Corn starch 1 tbsp + cold water 2 tbsp, mixed
Group B
1- Almond slices, 1/8 cup
2- Brown sugar, 2 tbsp
3- Soften butter, 2 tbsp
4- All purpose flour, 1/2

 .: 做法 Directions :.
Step 1:
Thaw the pastry as per the box instruction (about 10 minutes).  Preheat the oven with 220 celesius.  Lightly prick bottom of pastry crust with a fork.  Add in Group A ingredient 2-6 in a sauce pan and mix it well.  Cook the ingredients over medium heat.  Cover and simmer for 6-10 minutes or until apples are softened.   Add in the starch mixtures and mix until the sauce is thickened.  Put it aside and let it cool down.
Step 2:
Preheat the oven with 200 Celsius.  Mix the Group B ingredient well until the mixture is crumbly.  Add the apple mixture into the tart shell and covers it with the butter mixture.  Top each tart with the almond slices.  Put the tarts into oven and bake it over 190 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.  Take it out and cool it down for 10 minutes before serve.

.: 小貼士Cook's notes :.

1- Prick the bottom of pastry crust will prevent the dough from puffing up as it bakes.
2- Adjust the amount of sugar according to your own preference.

3- Add more flour if the butter mixture is not crumbly as expected.
4- Let the pies cool down a bit before serving as the sauce is boiling hot.

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