Saturday, August 13, 2016

[Tony's Dessert]How to make a perfect Japanese souffle cheesecake

For 7inch to  8inch size

cream cheese 250g
milk 100ml
melted butter 30ml
large eggs 6
all purpose flour 60g 
corn starch 30g
cream of tartar 1/4 tsp (used in egg white)
white sugar 130g

Tip 1: it is bette to use the cake mold which the bottom cannot be removed.  The cake won't get wet easily

Tip2: keep the cake batter between 35-40C before mixing in egg white.

Tip3: it is easier to mix the firm peak egg white into batter than stiff peak.

Tip4: the cake bake in more balance temperature when it is not directly contains with the baking tray with water.  It will impact the cake rising

Tip5: if the cake surface crack, it is too close to the heat source.  Change to lower position or cover with aluminium foil in your next attempt

Tip6: Let it rest in a hot oven can prevent it collapse


  1. Hi:
    I followed the same instructions to baked the cake for 55 minutes with 325F, after that, leave the oven door open about one inch for about 60 minutes. I found out the bottom part, about 1 inch, is solid, not puffy like the top part. Any suggestions?

    1. According to my study, this is caused by mainly 3 possible factors
      1- the batter is under 30C before mixing the egg white.
      2- mixing the egg white not well enough so that the batter separated from the egg white while cooking
      3- the bathing water is under 80C. This will also allow the cheese sink into the bottom